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1cheaper ticket prices
2We came with a sailing boot. The rangers came by to get money for the park and went away. They could share some information or ask if we were interested to receive more information. They were not unpolite but they have not said anything exept : do you hav
3clean the sea in the harbour, missing good toilets,
5I don't know
8I was really pleased at how it was
10Online tickets do not work at all
11much too expensive
12The price poiecy 2018 prevents me from visiting the park again. I can enjoy the water and nature at other places in croatia as well.
13You need to provide professional info to yacht charter companies so that they can inform customers. Leaflets need far better info on nature and wildlife. But most importantly you need rangers who do not request bribes.
14Asking 800kn for a 7.5 mtr boat to enter the park is far to much to survive in the future. Only is you are faced with ticket sales you might pay it but it is a Rip-off...! If you want to attract visitors to the park you should ask normal prices. It is not